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VRF Systems


Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF), Also Known As Variable Refrigerant Volume (VRV), Is An Hvac Technology Which Allows Varying Degrees Of Cooling In Specified Areas And Reduces Energy Consumption. Vrf Systems Use Heat Pumps Or Heat Recovery Systems To Provide Powerful Heating And Cooling For All Indoor And Outdoor Units Without Using Air Ducts. With A Vrf System, A Building Will Have Multiple Indoor Units Utilized By A Single Outdoor Condensing Unit, Either With A Heat Pump Or Heat Recovery System. Vrf Systems Are Versatile And Most Efficient Solutions With Precise Control And Comfort. Vrf System Outdoor Units Typically Have A Much Smaller Footprint And Require Less Equipment Than Chillers, Which Makes Installation More Convenient And Less Expensive. Also, Vrf Systems Are Easily Integrated Into The Bms Of A Building For The Most Accurate And Effective System Control. Recent Vrf Systems Are Highly Efficient And Most Effective In Facilities That Require Zoned Climate Control With Diverse Spaces And Uses. In Locations Where Electricity Is Readily Available And Less Expensive, Operating Cost For Vrf Systems Can Be Very Competitive.

Benefits of a VRF system:

➤ Highly energy efficient
➤ Precise temperature control
➤ Consistent comfort
➤ Simultaneous heating & cooling
➤ Flexible and modular designs
➤ Easy installation
➤ Easy to use controls
➤ Quiet operation
➤ ewer breakdown / less downtime

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